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Expected increase in .com domain rates and change in products price configuration

  • Saturday, 24th April, 2021
  • 08:21am

We recently changed the products configuration, in order to adjust the prices to the expected fluctuations in the costs of .com domains, announced by ICANN.

ICANN, the worldwide body for the management of domains, will introduce an increase of around € 7-8 per year to the prices of .com domains starting from September of this year, prices that have never been changed in the last 10 years.

Unfortunately, we too have to raise prices by the same amount.

Until now, the products included webhosting + domain in a single price. In the last two days we have worked to separate the two parts and now the final price is the result of the sum of webhosting + domain.

An example.
If, before, Green Wordpress cost € 59 and included a domain, now Green Wordpress costs € 49 + the domain, which in the case of .com costs € 10, bringing the total back to € 59.
When ICANN will apply the price increase, the price of the domain will increase by the same amount.

In summary, package prices have changed like this:

  • Easy Wordpress and Green Wordpress -> from 59 € with domain included to 49 € + domain
  • Easy cPanel and Green cPanel -> from 69 € with domain included to 59 € + domain.

If you wish, you can renew your .com domains now for as many years as you like, so that you can save money in the future.

It is a simple process: just log into the customer area, click the "domains" button and then, in correspondence with the .com domains you want to renew, select the "renew" command in the menu on the right.

Best regards,
The Easy Green & Travel Hosting team

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